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business operation strategies

pagesetup streamlines specific operation strategies that refocus your business goals and objectives from a completely new perspective.  Discover hidden talents in your employees and ensure customer satisfaction. Connect with ps today to learn more.

general consulting – evaluation & recommendations

Businesses are always asking themselves how to improve the bottom line. Outside of a good brand, marketing strategies, and perhaps digging deeper with formal customer satisfaction research, all things are relative and perspective can make a huge difference in your business.

Internally: Diversify, diversify, and diversify—Is your business diversified?
Many understand that in today’s turbulent markets a personal portfolio—or company’s cash reserves—should be diversified into the five major branches of investment (stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals & cash), but often fail to apply the same philosophy to their business. How? Take a look at your product offerings and fill in gaps or survey your employee talent to find new revenue streams. Let pagesetup help identify areas of opportunity by contacting us today.

Externally: From what perspective does your customer or prospect see you?
Your perspective may be very different from your customer’s, which can be determined in two ways: market research or a pagesetup evaluation—often both are useful. pagesetup can go through the customer or prospect process and each of the customer touch points to evaluate areas that could use improvement or any other ways to improve your bottom line. From the best way for the receptionist to answer the telephone to how well customer service is performing, from retail establishment evaluation to overall business processes, pagesetup can give you a new perspective.

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crm – customer relationship management

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a comprehensive, customer-centric approach to an organization’s philosophy of dealing with its customers across the entire organization. This may include customer service, sales approaches, marketing, and some systems and information management and employee training.

Technology has allowed enterprise level customer knowledge systems to be obtainable to all businesses, big and small. Once reserved for Fortune 500 companies, CRM allows you to know and track your customer like never before. A company’s specific situation and its customers’ needs may be different, however information gained through a good CRM strategy can help directly improve customer relations, cross marketing sales, and the bottom line.

How does a good CRM strategy help my business?

Help identify customer segments—From demographics to spending habits, know your customers like never before
Improve customer relations—Know what happened at each client contact point and know the status of a project instantly
  Improve product offerings—Better understand customer needs with tracking and feedback
Identify high value customers—Learn who drives your revenue and cater to your company’s most profitable customers

Third-party software solutions run from free (ad-supported), to $20 a month, to $20 per user. There are a myriad of product offerings on the market and pagesetup has experience in researching and developing the CRM technologies that best fit our clients’ needs.

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Graphic coming soon: The Process: Evaluations & Recommendations—PS learns about you, your companies, your work processes and evaluates software solutions and recommends the product that best fits your needs. Software Purchasing & Deployment—PS can help during the entire CRM software acquisition process to ensure a smooth deployment. Training & Implementation—PS can help train you and your employees on how to best utilize the new CRM software solution and we help ensure a solid and effective implementation process.


business plan development

Today’s business plan is far more like a GPS device than it is a roadmap. In today’s markets the business plan needs to not only describe where you are, where you are going, and how to get there, but also needs to be dynamic and continually updated as new information becomes available. Successful, growing, and even mature businesses should continue to maintain a current business plan so as to always be clear about the direction they are headed. Your business plan is a detailed description of your business, describing each facet of your offering and how it will benefit the customer and/or investor and should emphasize your marketing strategies, financial management, and management team.

There are two main objectives for having an updated, in-depth business plan. The first is to help obtain funding for a startup or expansion for an existing business. The business plan needs to communicate clearly and in no uncertain terms how and when the investor is to profit from their investment. This needs to be done in a clear and concise manner that is esthetically pleasing to help ensure the investor is motivated to action. The second, and equally important reason, is to clearly communicate everything about the business to senior level executives and others responsible for the daily operation of the businesses.

Preparing a business plan requires you as the business owner to consolidate your business objectives and strategies into a written document—a document that should be used frequently to review your results and revise your objectives. If you’ve realized that you need experienced professional assistance in developing your business plan, then you’ve come to the right place. pagesetup has an outstanding track record in preparing high-quality documents, and we know exactly what you need to help attract investment.

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competitor analysis

Most of us don’t have the time to check up on our competitors. We might hear what a client or prospect says about the other guy, but too often the competition can go underestimated. This is where pagesetup comes in—we’re able to conduct a thorough and unbiased competitor review, from the competition’s customer service to their pricing; a complete and detailed competition analysis can help you understand where you are in the marketplace.

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customer satisfaction research

customer satisfaction researchWhile you and your employees like to hear it when things go right, and you certainly hear about it when things go wrong, most customers do not voluntarily offer feedback, so sometimes it can be difficult to accurately gauge how well your business is performing in key areas such as customer service and product or service viability. With a highly crafted customer satisfaction research program, you might be able to see potential problems as they happen instead of in your bottom line at the end of the year. With some foresight, problems or issues with your offerings can be corrected a lot faster.

A solid customer satisfaction research program will collect testimonials which are valuable content for your marketing collateral. It will encourage ongoing feedback from customers and it will raise customer satisfaction by customers’ innate desire to have their opinions heard. Also, customer satisfaction research will improve any company’s bottom line by being more in tune with their customers’ thoughts and actions. Learn how to scientifically listen to your customer base by connecting with pagesetup today.

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employee satisfaction research

Do you know how your employees would answer…

… do you believe that your opinion matters?
… does your working environment help or hurt your productivity?
… do you have all the tools, technology, skills, information, training, and other resources you need to do your job effectively?
… do you feel supported by co-workers, supervisors and management?
… what do you think of your company’s products and/or services?

Employee satisfaction research helps you identify areas of employee satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) to help ensure high morale in the work place and to combat employee unrest—which can result in minor employee theft, lower productivity, employee labor organization, and a higher turnover rate. Employee satisfaction surveys and other implementations of the research can help directly improve your bottom line.

To ensure accurate and dependable results and analysis, pagesetup can spearhead your employee satisfaction research by developing a program that is customized to your business’ culture and communication needs with the help of employee focus groups and the development of an unbiased and properly weighted employee satisfaction survey. Then we implement the program, conduct thorough and easy-to-understand analysis, help you and your team act upon the data discoveries, and follow-up to track the progress of the employee satisfaction research.

Do you want lower turnover?
Do you want an early-warning system that helps enable you to uncover existing or potential problems before they get out of hand?
Do you want to identify and remove barriers to employee productivity?
Do you want to better understand your employees’ expectations?
Do you want to better understand employees’ reaction to recent changes, new projects or initiatives, and new products or services?
Do you want to reinforce a culture that says employees’ opinions are respected?
Do you want expert consulting on making resource allocation decisions?

Discover all this and more such as your employees’ hidden talents or knowledge by developing a comprehensive employee satisfaction research program. Connect with pagesetup to learn how we can help you discover and improve your employee satisfaction, morale, and bottom line.

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project management

Sometimes it’s simply easier, faster, and better to have a project professionally handled than it is to take time out of your busy life schedule to handle it yourself. While we don’t do everything in-house, we more than likely have the expertise and contacts to get the job done. Let pagesetup help manage your next collateral project.

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