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online collateral

The Internet has changed almost every aspect of how business is done today. From Web Design and Development to banner ads, pagesetup has over 20 years of Internet experience. Connect with pagesetup today to learn more.

banner ads, bridge pages, & more

An important part of your overall marketing strategy may include banner ads distributed throughout a vast publisher network or an aggressive search engine marketing campaign with specific landing or bridge pages. What makes online collateral an attractive option is that in most cases the media can be changed on a whim—want to try a new marketing campaign only for a week? Switching out the electronic media can be done quickly.

Bridge pages are specifically designed pages of your web site that correspond with a particular marketing campaign which your visitors first visit. Bridge pages can be implemented for several reasons, for instance, to directly correspond with the keyword or phrase that the person was searching for in your SEM campaign, which helps lower abandon rates. Or, a particular marketing campaign for a specific product might have a different “look & feel” than your main Web site, so a bridge page would be utilized that matches the campaign (for example, a “green campaign”).

Another example of a bridge page might also correspond with a URL. For instance, you might want to use a URL such as in your TV ads or specifically advertised in your latest direct mailing campaign to better track specific campaigns response rates.

Connect with pagesetup today to learn how to create effect online media.

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facebook, youtube, twitter, & more

Not only has the Internet itself revolutionized the way the world communicates, but it also has a myriad of subset technologies and communities which a business can harness to communicate with their current client base and reach potential customers. The service brands associated with these subsets include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and many more.

Many are unsure of what works best for their company or industry; others simply don’t have the time to deal with it; and still others are intimated by the technology. While it’s true that some of these subsets of communications are fads and may not be around in a decade, the core concept of a social network is sound and is not going to go away, so most businesses need to embrace the technology and not run from it.

Whether you’re already linked in and need help managing your online reputation, or if you want to launch a new presence on Facebook, for instance, pagesetup can help.



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web design & development

Keeping content fresh—such as company news and new product or service information—reflects to prospects your dedication to communication and information. Your Web site can often be the first impression that someone may have, so your business’s Web site needs to introduce your brand to the prospect or customer and continually stay current until the customer is compelled to action. pagesetup professionals have over 20 years experience with the Internet and we have seen many fads come and go.

Many make the mistake of form over function, or a fancy website over a highly functional one. This is often due the fact that their vendor was developing their Web site with the business owner in mind rather than the target audience. All users turn to the Internet for information, not necessarily for a presentation, and it takes marketing experience to know what offers work online and it takes Internet experience to understand the importance of things such as screen resolutions and browser capabilities and more—pagesetup has the talent to produce effective, brand intensive, esthetically pleasing Web sites to a variety of clients across a multitude of industries.

Connect with pagesetup today to develop a new brand centric and effective Web site

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web hosting & domain services plus

pagesetup offers a variety of Web site hosting products and services including email and domain names at $14/ year. We offer these services tailored to a specific client’s needs at very competitive rates.

Please note that our hosting services are for our clients only, i.e., we do not offer general/individual hosting accounts to the public.

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