out-of-airis the social marketing revolution finally running out of hot air?
by Jeffrey Davitz

Here’s a great article on VentureBeat from guest poster Jeffrey Davitz on if social marketing is still worth the effort. There’s been high profile cases of large coporation questioning the value of advertising on Facebook.

Jeffrey points out that with tens of millions of eyeballs (or hundreds of millions!) then there will always be advertisng on social networks, so that’s not going to go anywhere. He also breakdowns the hype vs reality:

Social-based advertising has been a consistent rallying cry to keep up the fever pitch. The idea is that social provides such a window on the consumer’s soul that the messages would be uncannily well targeted, kind of like direct marketing on steroids. But there has been lots of fiction around this (and lots of data charlatans). Geniuses do not get much more than a few percentage points in response, and the industry has had a ton of data to work with for a long time.

So the sad fact is that is that social has not revolutionized anything. Marketing in social still feels like it goes against the grain.

In short, social media has allowed targeted ads, but it still feels like ads.

However, Jeffery explains the concept of “intent” and how Google has been so successful:

To figure out what might be done, let’s remember why search marketing  actually works. The story told often, but not heard enough, is that Google works because of intention. Users express intention in search, and responses that are in line with that intention have a much higher chance of getting some positive response. There are deep reasons why this works and why trying to jam something  in without live intention often fails.

The magic of Google (and it continues to be magical) is that it ties intent  directly to the message. A user expresses intent implicitly in the search box. And the user clearly identifies the topic of the intent, so the messages are on-topic and not disruptive to the user’s task.

Intent is very important and people do not simple exist to have ads in their faces. Jeffery concludes his article with explaining that people are using social media as a platform for customer service and companies are just now figuring that out.

pagesetup has been around for awhile and we can remember the get-rich-quick mentality of the Internet bubble of the late 90’s. People simple expected to build a website and get rich. We would have to explain to people that technology, including thier website, is nothing more than a tool to convey information and that they would still need to market and operate thier “virtual” business just like any other business. Similiarly, today we explain to our clients that social media is not the holy grail of marketing, but instead it is a tool for connecting with people–one of many tools needed as part of thier entire marketing arsenal.

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