how web design credits discredit your business
by pagesetup

We’ve all seen it–your looking for a dentist and your checking out local dentists’ websites, for example, and there it is on the bottom of each page: “Web Design by So&So Company.” This immediately tells you that they outsourced the web site and it tells you that they must be a very small office with no computer person to take care of their web needs. Now let’s cover some things that you may not have realized about that link, but will from now on.

Enough money already
First, let’s take a moment to understand how backwards this practice is in advertising. Most business have to pay for advertising, but here the web designer is getting it for free.

web-design-creditsFurther, the link will last as long as the site does, so we could be talking about years worth of free advertising for the designer. The designer was already paid for their initial design work, perhaps thousands of dollars, and now the designer may end up receiving several times that amount in revenue from referrals over the lifetime of that one link. And these designers put their link on every site they design.

Who’s ranking up?
Now let’s look at the real reason that link is so  important to the designer: Google (and, who’s left now? Bing?) Google’s (and presumably others’) search index algorithm weights a web site as being more important than other web sites according to how many other web sites link to them (Google’s process is called PageRank). So, the more links there are out there on the World Wide Web that link to the designer’s web site, the higher the designer will be in search results. And these designers put their link on every site they design.

This is a very one-sided relationship with the designer gaining all the benefits. One may point out that the designer often links back to the business owners website, but due to the nature of the web business the designer is the “hub” and ends up with dozens or hundreds of links to his business while each individual site only gets one link back to them. All PageRank benefits go to the designer.

In short
The web design credit link reflects a one-sided relationship that solely benefits the designer and shows the website owner in a unprofessional and uniformed manner. If your business has a web design credit at the bottom of your web site, then we strongly recommend that you request that the web design credit link be removed.

What do you think? Will seeing web design credits in the future make you think differently about the practice and/or the website’s business owner? Tell us in the comments below.

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