aboutpagesetup is the piece in helping to take your company to the next level

Officially established in early 1998 as oureditor.com, pagesetup offers businesses around the world decades of combined experience in brand management including identity audits, graphic and Web design, document development—online and off—and strategic marketing and operational consulting services. We provide the vital assistance needed to produce just about any type of corporate communication, and we help with marketing and operational goals with the purpose of helping our clients produce impeccable materials and improve their bottom lines.

pagesetup offers most services in house and we have a vast network of professionals to help on more complex projects and, as just a small part of what makes pagesetup different from other companies, there is complete transparency among vendors and we do not mark up other vendor’s prices (you’re already paying us, so we don’t double-dip). From large scale software projects to your company’s promotional items and vinyl car or truck wrapping to printing your brochures and other marketing collateral, we have vendors to fit your needs or we can utilize your current vendors.

You deserve the expert consulting services, outstanding ethics, and value that pagesetup brings to the table. Find out what others are saying about pagesetup or submit a project today.

5 ways pagesetup is different

What makes pagesetup different? Outside of an unusually comprehensive product offering and talent found under one roof, there are many other things that make us unique. Please review a list of the following differentiators and contact pagesetup if you have any questions or to get started on your projects today.

1. releasing all copyrights

Others retain the copyrights of the work that you pay for—which is a more common practice than most realize. From the Yellow Pages to photographers and video production companies—most are only licensing you the right to use their creations.

We believe that our clients own the work for which they have retained us to perform. In fact, upon compensation, we not only release claims to copyright, but we also make the source files available to our clients.

2. creating custom work

Others often reuse their own designs or, worse yet, use third party template designs on projects. This reused look is unprofessional and can create confusion in the marketplace.

We create the work ourselves and it is custom to you and only you.

3. demonstrating third-party transparency

Others often mark up other people’s work on the invoice. Beyond that, some companies register your domain names and other services in their name—that is, as the owner of such services.

We will work with your vendors or our vendors; either way, there is never a markup for third party products or services. In fact, there is complete transparency in the process, so you’ll know who the vendors are and can interact with them at will. Further, we don’t register clients’ services in our name.

4. teaching trade “secrets”

Most vendors try to keep their methodology and processes a “secret”—though they are often not really secrets since most are talents that are taught with most any good MBA program, market experience, or even with an extensive Internet research.

We teach our clients the methodology and processes to help empower them to make good choices in their businesses. These trade “secrets” could add value to your business for a lifetime.


5. believing in ethics

Others have ethics that are less than desirable at best. The goal of most vendors is only to sell you what they have to sell—they are not interested in you or your company.

We strive to have good ethical practices in all that we do. We have a goal to help businesses and organizations produce top-quality work at an affordable price. We recognize that we will make mistakes. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our partnership, let us know, and we will work with you to try and make it right.


best practices
Striving to have unquestionable ethics and integrity, the professionals at pagesetup will only attempt to conduct business with others professing and exhibiting the same qualities.

To appreciate and understand the reasoning behind our guarantees, please evaluate our beliefs. We believe the following:

We have a responsibility to conduct business professionally and ethically.
We are required to do what’s right.
We must objectively scrutinize every project that our clients entrust to us.
We must always do our best on every project, every day, for every client.
Our clients’ projects establish, support, and communicate their image and brand.
Our client list and our clients’ documents are top secret and guarded appropriately.
Our clients pay for pagesetup’s knowledge, experience, and sound advice.
Our clients have prerogatives: the prerogative to know the cost of their projects up front, to be treated as if they are our only client, to ask us to support and defend our positions, and to expect us to meet deadlines.

Learn how these differentiators can make a difference for you and your business by connecting with pagesetup today.